Salvage - Bye-Bye Big Bear

Architectural salvage is a business of selling used antiques which is getting increasingly popular all over. Buyers with creative reuse ideas opt for used antiques from the architectural salvage shops to decorate their living space. Even businesses opt for architectural salvage products to decorate their office interiors in a cost-effective way. These reclaimed materials selling businesses need perfect racking system for a better display of products in order to escalate their business to an all new level.

Different Types and Usability

Each architectural artifact store is really different and the setup of the stores will be really unique from one another. Some shops store tiles, fire places, rugs and mantels, whereas other stores specialize in selling used chandeliers, light fixtures, ornamental products and terra cotta products. The display and storage necessity for each shop really differs from others based on the type of goods they are selling.

Among warehouse racking, different types of pallet racking systems are used in the architectural salvage stores and they are

Selective Racking

This is the most commonly used racking system for this type of business. They are really inexpensive and the pallet racks made of stainless steel are hard wearing and strong. This system is also easy to install.

Drive-In Racking

This system can be used in warehouses and artifacts stores dealing with bigger reclaimed or recycled products. For example, sellers of used gates, doors, wardrobes etc. can make use of this system. The drive-in racks offer better accessibility to the products and during shipment the products can be quickly loaded in the transportation trucks.

Heavy Duty Racking

This type of pallet racking is used for storing heavy duty building materials like steel rods, metal storage systems etc. Since these racks can easily accommodate longer and wider products they are comfortable in organizing the products.

Narrow Aisle Racking

They are much similar to selective pallet racking. They are useful in storing fragile products. The products can be protected from environmental factors that may cause oxidization, rusting, presence of flaky substances, mold, mildew buildup etc. The narrow aisle racking can also be used to make maximum utilization of space available in smaller artifact selling shops. Racks with glass doors are used as store displays for better management of store displays.

Advantages of Racking for Architectural Salvage

warehouse racking systems are used widely in this business of selling architectural salvages. Most commonly pallet racking systems are used for convenient and safe storage purposes. Few notable advantages of installing warehouse racking system in salvage stores includes better organization and arrangement of display materials, easy accessibility to the things stored. Moreover, rebuilding processes can be made really simple and organized.

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Different types of materials like wood, metal, clay figurines etc. can be stored in specialized racking system. Safety of fragile goods is assured with functional racking systems. This racking system also offers better product management and the artifacts can be safely moved to the vehicles for shipment.

Most importantly, the warehouse racking system installed in the architectural artifacts stores are a cost-effective and easily manageable storage solution.